Selected Publications

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  • Gary Chinga-Carrascoa, Kenneth Aasarøda, Berit Leinsvanga, Mikael Bouvengb and Per-Åke Johanssonb.

    Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal 27(3): 596-603.

  • Chinga-Carrasco, G.

    J. Microscopy-Oxford 234(3): 211-242 (2009).

  • Structural characteristics of pore networks affecting print-through

    Chinga-Carrasco, G., Axelsson, M, Eriksen, Ø. and Svensson, S.

    J. Pulp Paper Sci. 34(1): 13-22 (2008)

  • On the oil extraction process during print-through three components quantification - Part 1: The oil extraction efficiency

    Antoine, C., Leirset, I., Chinga-Carrasco, G.

    Nordic Pulp Paper Res. J. 24(1): 24-28 (2008).

  • The influence of paper surface roughness on ink pigment distribution.

    Eriksen, Ø., Johannesen E. & Gregersen, Ø.W.

    Appita J. 60(5), 384-389 (2007).

  • Analysis of lint particles from full-scale printing trials

    Syverud, K., Chinga, G., Johnssen, P.O., Leirset, I. and Wiik, K.

    Appita J. 60(4): 286-290

  • On structural properties affecting the picking tendency of newsprints

    Chinga, G. and Syverud, K.

    Nordic Pulp Paper Res. J 22(4): 447-451 (2007

  • The influence of ink pigment penetration and paper structure on print through

    Eriksen, Ø., Gregersen, Ø.W.

    Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal 20 (2), 242 - 246

  • Ink pigment location measured as the position of clay in coldset ink

    Eriksen, Ø. & Gregersen, Ø. W.

    Nord. Pulp Paper Res. J. 21(4), 460-465

  • A mathematical morphology-based method for the quantification of fines in the Z-direction of paper

    Eriksen, Ø., Chinga, G. and Gregersen, Ø.

    Journal of pulp and paper science 32(2):95-99