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Development of high-performance and environmentally friendly water-based fluid systems for the oilfield industry

Drilling fluids are used to aid drilling of boreholes in the oil-field industry. The main function of the drilling fluids is to carry the rock (cuttings) released by the drilling operation up to the surface. For being able to carry the suspended cuttings, high viscosity of the drilling fluid is required.  The drilling fluids should also be shear thinning while it is pumped, and restore the gel structure under static conditions. From an environmental point of view, water based fluids are superior to oil-based fluids. However, the water based-fluids are prone to degradation at elevated temperatures.  The main goal for the WATERFLU project is to extend the area of application of environmentally friendly drilling fluids by use of novel viscosifiers based on cellulose.

The project is carried out as an innovation project under the PETROMAKS program of the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and is funded partly by RCN and partly by a group of industry partners. The project owner is Elkem.


Project manager: Kristin Syverud