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Innovative fibre-based packaging solutions for fresh bakery products

The main objective of this multi-disciplinary research project is a significant improvement of the lifetime of freshly baked bread, thus substantially reducing the losses by at least 25%. Losses and waste of fresh bakery products during production, distribution and retail are a major economic problem for the bakery sector in Norway, and highly undesirable from both an ethical and environmental perspective. The project shall promote R&D and innovation in food packaging through a broad project organization including research providers, bread packaging supplier, bakeries and grocers. Development and full-scale testing of innovative, functional and environmentally friendly packaging materials based on structures combining fibres and nanofibrillated cellulose is a key activity in this project, in addition to modifications to bread ingredients and baking processes.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway, and is a cooperation between partners from industry, institutes, branch organizations and a university

R&D partners:
PFI, Nofima, Østfoldforskning, Wageningen Universitet, Federation of Norwegian Bakers and Confectioners, The Norwegian Packaging Association 

Contact: Kathrin Mörseburg