New Biomaterials

Updated: 2013-04-18 | Print

Utilization of the wood components and complementary polymers in new bio-based materials is a focus area at PFI.

Wood and plant fibres can be utilized in a variety of novel materials. Fibres can in addition be fibrillated into their smaller building blocks, i.e. the nanofibrils, which are nanofibres with diameter in the nanoscale and with high aspect ratio. Nanocellulose has potential in a series of products in a wide range of application areas, e.g. paper, emulsions, composites, packaging material and medical applications.

Nanocellulose enhances the strength and surface properties of different paper grades. Superior barrier against oxygen is obtained by forming dense and compact fibril network structures.


Another central application area is in composites, where fibres/fibrils in combination with additional polymers can act as reinforcement and improve relevant properties.