Training courses

Updated: 2012-10-29 | Print

Paper and Fibre Research Institute (PFI) can tailor-make training courses on specific topics.


As an example, PFI will, in cooperation with NTNUs Nanolab, run a new training course on “Advanced nano-characterisation of nanocellulose materials”, including the following topics:

  • Lectures about cellulose 
  • Modification of nanostructures 
  • Barrier and mechanical properties 
  • Optical properties
  • Image analysis
  • Laser profilometry 
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) 
  • Field-emission SEM (FESEM)
  • Scanning (Transmission) electron microscopy (STEM)
  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • Focused-ion-beam (FIB)

Course period: October 29 to November 23, 2012.


The above-mentioned course has been organized and will be supervised by Senior Research Scientist Gary Chinga Carrasco.


Training courses in other topics may be arranged.


Contact persons:
Research Manager Karin Øyaas, Paper and Novel Materials.
Research Manager Lars Johansson, Fibre and Pulp.