The Norwegian pulp and paper prize 2014

Updated: 2014-11-20 | Print

The Norwegian pulp and paper prize 2014 (Treforedlingsprisen 2014) has been awarded to Senior Research Scientist Lars Erik Johansson from PFI.

Dr. Johansson received the prize for his strong contributions as an internationally leading research scientist within mechanical pulping.


Lars Johansson

The Norwegian pulp and paper prize (Treforedlingsprisen) was established by the Norwegian Pulp and Paper Industry Federation in 1993, and is awarded annually.

Dr. Johansson received a PhD-degree within chemithermomechanical pulping at Chalmers University of Technology in 1998. Since then he has had positions at PFI as scientist, group leader and senior research scientist, and today also as lead scientist within the focus area Fiber and Paper at PFI. 

In their motivation, the selection committee states that Lars Johansson has established an internationally strong group within mechanical pulping. This group, with Lars Johansson as lead scientist, has particularly strong expertise within characterization, refining processes, chemical and mechanical wood pretreatment, as well as the relationships between fibre properties and paper properties. The research has resulted in a considerable knowledge base within new, cost-effective methods for production of mechanical pulp.


Further, the selection committee states that Lars Johansson has had a central role in the development of the ATMP-process (Advanced Thermomechanical Pulping), which PFI has developed together with Norske Skog and Andritz, partly funded by the Research Council of Norway. This process makes possible a radical reduction in energy consumption in production of mechanical pulp, combined with a brightness gain. Pilot trials have showed that energy reductions of 25% - 40% can be reached, compared with a conventional TMP process. The process has been commercialized, with Andritz as supplier. Full scale implementations have already been established at two mill sites.

Lars Johansson has a comprehensive publication list. Among others, he was the corresponding author of a paper that was awarded the prize for best paper in Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal in 2011.