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Journal Articles

  • Nonleaching Antimicrobial Films Prepared from Surface-Modified Microfibrillated Cellulose

    Andresen, M., Stenstad, P., Møretrø, T., Langsrud, S., Syverud, K., Johansson, L.-S. and, Stenius, P.

    Biomacromolecules 8(7):2149-2155 (2007

  • Effects of selective wood resin adsorption on paper properties

    Johnsen, I. A. og Stenius, P.

    Nord. Pulp Pap. Res. J. 22(4), 452 (2007)

  • Adsorption of colloidal extractives and dissolved hemicelluloses on thermomechanical pulp fiber components studied by QCM-D

    Tammelin, T., Johnsen, I.A., Österberg, M., Stenius, P. og Laine, J.

    Nord. Pulp Pap. Res. J. 22(1), 93 (2007).

  • The influence of paper surface roughness on ink pigment distribution.

    Eriksen, Ø., Johannesen E. & Gregersen, Ø.W.

    Appita J. 60(5), 384-389 (2007).

  • The influence of ink oil on print-through

    Eriksen, Ø. and Gregersen, Ø.W.

    ordic Pulp Paper Res. J. 22(3), 264-370.

  • Analysis of lint particles from full-scale printing trials

    Syverud, K., Chinga, G., Johnssen, P.O., Leirset, I. and Wiik, K.

    Appita J. 60(4): 286-290

  • Cross-sectional dimensions of fiber and pore networks based on Euclidean distance maps

    Chinga, G., Solheim, O. and Mörseburg, K.

    Nordic Pulp Paper Res. J. 22(4): 500-507 (2007).

  • On structural properties affecting the picking tendency of newsprints

    Chinga, G. and Syverud, K.

    Nordic Pulp Paper Res. J 22(4): 447-451 (2007

  • Quantification of paper mass distributions within local picking areas

    Chinga, G. and Syverud, K.

    Nordic Pulp Paper Res. J 22(4): 441-446 (2007)

  • On the suitability of desktop scanners for assessing print-through

    Chinga, G., Eriksen, Ø. and Eilertsen, M:

    J. Pulp Paper Sci. 33(3) (2007

  • On surface details affecting the quality of commercial SC papers for gravure printing

    Chinga, G., Diserud, O. and Lunden-Berli, E.

    Nordic Pulp Paper Res. J. 22(3): 331-335 (2007).

  • Quantification of the 3-D micro-structure of SC surfaces

    Chinga, G., Johnssen, P.O., Dougherty, R, Lunden-Berli, E. and Walter, J.

    J. Microscopy– Oxford 227(3): 254-265 (2007).


  • Adsorption phenomena in TMP suspensions studied by turbidity and QCM-D

    Johnsen, I. A., Tammelin, T., Österberg, M., Stenius, P. og Laine, J.

    14th ISWFPC, Durban, South-Africa, 190 (2007).

  • Annual variations in TMP pulp quality: A quest for causality

    Lyngstad, H., Johansson, L., Eriksen, O., Moe, S.T.

    14th International Symposium on Wood, Fibre and Pulping Chemistry, Durban, South Africa (2007)

  • Crystallisation and barrier properties of cellulose-polypropylene composites

    Lenes, M., Gällstedt, M and Gregersen Ø.

    14th ISWFPC Durban, South-Africa, June 2007.

  • A novel method to study the compressibility of a paper structure and the relationship with cold-set offset printing.

    Eriksen, Ø. & Gregersen, Ø.W.

    61st Appita annual conference and exhibition, 2007 International paper physics conference, 7pp (2007)

  • Surface reconstruction methods for the characterization of paper topography

    Mettänen, M and Chinga, G.

    COST E32 Action - Characterization of Paper Surfaces for Improved Printing Paper Grades: Paper in Printing Processes Seminar. Grenoble, France, Oct. 4-5 (2007).

  • On the three-dimensionality of glossy surfaces

    Chinga, G., Johnsen, P.O., Kauko, H., Myllys, M. and Timonen, J.

    PTS coating symposium, Baden-Baden, Germany (2007).

  • Simultaneous quantification of paper mass distribution and print details

    Chinga, G. and Syverud, K.

    International Paper Physics Conference, Broadbeach, Australia (2007).

  • Explaining picking tendency by local formation analysis

    Chinga, G. and Syverud, K

    International Paper Physics Conference, Broadbeach, Australia (2007).

  • Tailoring printing paper properties - Potential and weaknesses of mechanical pulp in multilayered sheets

    Mörseburg, K. and Chinga, G.

    International Mechanical Pulp Conference, USA (2007)