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Contract work at PFI includes a wide range of acitivities from standardized measurements to small research projects. PFI has the equipment for doing most of the common assessments of pulp and paper properties important to the industry. More specialized equipment, such as special-purpose microscopes, is also available in our laboratories. Our list of pilot-plant machinery includes a calender and a TMP-refiner.

At PFI we strive to provide quick responses and solutions to our customers' needs. Being small means being flexible and fast. When necessary, we will engage our partner organisation so that we can respond promptly. Our highly skilled staff invites you to discuss the challenges for your company and is ready to assist you with their expertise.

Examples of contract work:

  • Characterisation and measurements of fibres, pulp and paper or process water
  • Evaluation of new products for use in the pulp and paper industry 
  • Pilot trials 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Literature studies