Renewable wood-based biofuels for shipping

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The ReShip project aims at developing technology for producing a cost-competitive pyrolysis oil based multicomponent fuel which meets the performance requirements of marine diesel engines

The project is based on an innovative approach for producing partly upgraded, storage stable and sulfur free bio-oil from wood feedstocks by fast pyrolysis technology. In marine transport there is a particular need to develop low-sulfur fuel alternatives to conventional fossil bunker oils due to upcoming regulations which demand that low-sulfur fuels shall be used in shipping in various regions. ReShip aims to develop alternative sustainable sulfur free transportation fuels that will contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.


Figure: The ReShip concept.


The project is led by PFI and the R&D partners in the project is PFI, Aston University and NTNU. The project consortium includes industry partners along the whole value chain from forest owners to end users in shipping.

The project is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway (The ENERGIX programme).



Contact person: Kai Toven