Facts about NorBioLab

Updated: 2013-11-21 | Print

The lab is one of 16 new national Norwegian research infrastructures being established, which will lay the foundation for groundbreaking research, future value creation and attractive research and educational institutions.

  • Includes research partners Paper and Fibre Research Institute, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
  • Headed by Paper and Fibre Research Institute
  • Duration: 2014 – 2021
  • Total budget: Approximately 58 million NOK (of which 37.5 million from the Norwegian Research Council)
  • Central units included:
    • Reactor systems for new biomass conversion (thermal, chemical, catalytic)
    • Reactors for the production and use of enzymes
    • High dry mass reactor for microbial conversion of biomass components
    • Reactors for microbial production of biogas
    • Gasification reactor for direct gasification of biomass
    • Reactor for production of bio-oil by pyrolysis
    • Reactor for catalytic upgrading of bio-oil


Project manager: Karin Øyaas