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Nanocellulose production in a holistic biorefinery approach

The NaProBio project aims at developing an innovative process for production of nanofibrillated cellulose from chemical pulp, with focus on optimizing all steps from wood chips to NFC.

The process to be developed will serve as a tool for assisting the industry partners in building a demonstration plant for the production of NFC for sale to a defined initial market. Laboratory studies will be performed in order to test the theories and technologies in practice before proceeding with pilot experiments. This will help to reduce risk and to strengthen the basis for directing this project forward. The project will strengthen national forest-based sector in a period of major restructuring.

The NaProBio project is a cooperation between Treklyngen Holding AS (Project Owner), Elkem AS and Paper and  Fibre Research Institute (PFI).


Contact: Mihaela Tanase Opedal