New, innovative pretreatment of Nordic wood for cost-effective fuel-ethanol production

Updated: 2012-04-10 | Print

The main objective of this project is to develop pretreatment techniques that will reduce the overall production costs for fuel-ethanol from Nordic lignocellulosic biomass. A second objective is to quantify the possibilities to reduce investment and operating costs by co-locating and integrating the ethanol plant with existing industry infrastructure (e.g. pulp mill, oil refinery). A third objective is to join Nordic research resources in the liquid biofuels area.

The project addresses the following technical issues:

  • Fundamental understanding of the chemical/physical changes that occurs during wood pretreatment. 
  • Develop predictive pretreatment models. 
  • Handling of process liquors and by-products 

The project is carried out as an integrated type project under Nordic Energy Research.



  • Paper and Fibre Research Institute (PFI). 
  • INNVENTIA AB, Sweden 
  • SINTEF Materials and Chemistry 
  • Matis ohf Prokaria, Iceland 
  • VTT Technical Reserach Centre of Finland 



Contact Person: Karin Øyaas